Our teachers are often asked “Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?” There are lots of things to consider when making this important decision at the start of your child’s education, and before Kindergarten commences each year the teachers will hold an information/interview session with parents and their child to further discuss any needs or concerns you may have.

We have developed an information sheet to help you assess your child’s readiness for commencing kindergarten.

Kindergarten Readiness


Wellbeing at our place

Our teachers are focusing on wellbeing for the whole North Brighton Kindergarten Community. Here is a link to the Be You website that provides resources for the whole family related to mindfulness and, promoting and protecting positive mental health in children and young people.


Dr. Shanker has done lots of important and current research around self-regulation. He is the founder of The MEHRIT Centre (TMC), a social enterprise, established in 2012 to work towards a vision of calm, alert and flourishing children, youth and adults. Their mission is to ground learning and living in mindful self-regulation. Decades of research have shown that self-regulation is the foundation of healthy human development: mental health, learning, resilience, emotional safety, caring relationships, and vibrant, peaceful families, schools and communities.

“I want every child to thrive and embrace the gift of life. I want every child to have the opportunity, and the resources as well, to realize their gifts, and to deal with the challenges that are a part of life. And I want the same for every family, school and community.” – Dr. Stuart Shanker

Self Regulation information sheets

Social and emotional learning

At NBK we place a big emphasis on social and emotional learning. Research clearly shows that children who are mentally healthy are better able to meet life’s challenges. They are also better learners and have stronger relationships. Children can be taught how to cope with their emotions, to bounce back from problems, and to develop positive relationships. We have put together a range of resources which are helpful for supporting children’s social and emotional learning.

Readings include supporting children’s friendship skills, problem solving, building resilience and supporting children with anxiety and separation distress. You can find more information at Early Life Foundations.

Building Resilience and Self Concept Encouragement Not Just Praise Understanding and Managing Separation Distress

Supporting Children with Anxiety Problem Solving Learning Positive Friendship Skills

Health News

Research into the best way to prevent colds from the Royal Children’s Hospital Health Pole

The Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years (Birth to 5 years) show there is an important relationship between how much sleep, sedentary behaviour and physical activity young children get in a 24-hour period.

Starting Blocks

Starting Blocks provides families with trusted information on early childhood education and care and tips on what can be done at home to encourage children’s learning and development.

Starting Blocks Home Your Child’s Development At Home Tips for Parents

Child Safety

North Brighton Kindergarten are committed to the safety of all children.

Commission for Children and Young People - Recognising, respecting and defending the rights of children and young people

The Orange Door - a free and voluntary service providing support and advice directly to families, professionals and the community. they are committed to improving the lives of children and families.

School transition

The main two feeder schools from NBK are St. James Primary School and Elsternwick Primary School. We also have children go off to Brighton Primary, Gardenvale Primary, Melbourne Grammar/Grimwade House and Caulfield Grammar.

10 steps to getting ready for Prep A seamless transition to school Getting ready for school