Committee of Management


North Brighton Kindergarten is run by two Committees made up of volunteers from our families.

  • The Committee of Management (COM)

  • and the Parent Committee.

Members of these Committees are voted in by our parents at the Annual General Meeting (generally held in November each year) and we encourage anyone who is keen to contribute to get involved.

Your input to our Committees means we can keep the cost of running the kinder low, maintain the wonderful sense of community we have at NBK, and ensure that the kinder meets the needs of our families now and into the future.  

We welcome any suggestions or comments regarding NBK’s management, please contact the President.

Committee of Management

As an incorporated association the main functions of the Committee of Management are:

  • To manage the Kindergarten by maintaining its financial viability, ensure compliance with regulations and to monitor all aspects of the running of the Kindergarten.

  • As an employer, be responsible for employing suitably qualified and experienced staff and supporting them to offer a creative and stimulating program.

  • We use the services of an external Bookkeeper and employ an internal part time Administrative Officer and HR Officer.

Membership includes:

  • The Executive

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • and up to 6 General Members

  • Educational lead from our Teachers group

Parent Committee

The Parent Committee is an important forum for discussing significant issues facing the kindergarten. Its roles can vary depending on the range of skills available and number of volunteers, but the main focus is on fundraising, social events, and working bees. Each member takes on a role that supports the running of the kinder, and by sharing a large number of smaller roles we keep the administrative costs down, share responsibilities amongst all volunteers and therefore share our collective achievements.

The roles can include:

  • Banking Officer

  • Fundraising officers (ideally at least a 2 people)

  • Grants Officer

  • IT Liaison

  • Human resources officer

  • Legal Officer

  • Mail Secretary

  • Maintenance Officer (ideally 2 people)

  • Newsletter & communications Editor

  • OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) Officer

  • Parent survey officer

  • Purchasing Officer

  • Website officer

  • 3 yo Enrolment Secretary (can be 3 and 4 year old combined)

  • 4 yo Enrolment Secretary (can be 3 and 4 year old combined)

  • Year level Parent Representatives (ideally at least two from each 3 and each 4 year old group)