Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply if I live outside the zone?

The zoning requirements are decided by Bayside Council and unless there are free places available, priority will be given to children who are residing in the bayside 2km radius zone of the kindergarten.

What if my child does not get offered a place?

Firstly, please make sure that you have waited until final round offers have gone out (past early September). If your child has missed out on a place, their name is added to a waiting list frequently monitored by either the 3-year-old or 4-year-old enrolment officer. If a place becomes available during the year you will be contacted.

Which schools do most children go to?

The main schools NBK children move into are Elsternwick Primary School and St. James Catholic Primary School, as well as other local private schools. We have a particularly great relationship with St James and Elsternwick, and take the children on excursions and specific transition visits close to the end of the year.

Can younger siblings come to parent duty?

Yes, you are welcome to bring younger siblings to duty. However, these younger children are your responsibility so please keep an eye on them. Occasionally, it might be nice for the older kinder child to have your undivided attention if it is possible to leave the younger sibling with a friend or relative. We also welcome grandparents, uncles, aunties or friends to perform duty, not only the primary carers.

How do you communicate with families throughout the year?

We encourage friendly, open and cooperative relationships between parents and teaching staff, and are guided by our Communication Policy.

There are many ways that communication occurs at kinder including:

  • Parents’ Handbook provided at the start of each year

  • Notice boards at the kinder

  • Class parent representatives who liaise between parents, staff and COM

  • Notices in child’s kinder bag

  • Annual survey

  • A regular newsletter that details committee activity, teacher’s monthly reports and up to date information about what is happening at the kinder. This newsletter is sent to all families by email and printed copies are available upon request

  • Regular informal communication with your child’s teacher and teaching assistant

  • The planned educational program is displayed in the foyer

  • Parent/teacher interviews which are held around the middle of the year.

  • Emails

At your child’s orientation session the teacher will discuss how they will keep you informed through discussions and updates. If you have any concerns about your child at kinder please arrange a time to speak with your child’s teacher.

Do you have health policies for things such as Anaphylaxis?

North Brighton Kindergarten has a range of health policies, some of which include:

Please review the policy section of the website, or the orange policy file in the entrance to the kinder.

When North Brighton Kindergarten has children attending with anaphylaxis or other allergies this is communicated via signs at the kinder and with emails.

We can support you if your child requires medication during the day, please speak with the staff. This must be written in the medication book and signed by both parent and teacher.

How do you maintain privacy of my child’s information?

The Committee of Management and teachers are committed to maintaining the privacy of any confidential information given to the Kindergarten, and we also ask that you also respect the privacy of other families.

Your consent will be requested to disclose certain information, such as birthdays, any allergies and to participate in photographs etc. Any records regarding your child, such as teacher observations and planning, may be inspected by you at any time.

Can I visit the kindergarten?

Absolutely, we would love to show you our kinder and discuss your families needs. Our open day is on March 30, 2019 from 10am - 12pm

Is there an orientation program?

Yes, we start the year with an orientation day, followed by a transition timetable. This is to ensure our teachers and families have a good opportunity to get to know each other and begin to develop a good working arrangement. It also helps the children to get to know their new environment in smaller groups where it is easier for them to meet and establish relationships with other children.

Does the Kindergarten do fundraising?

Our aim with fundraising is to be mindful of how much we are asking of families, and to ensure there are other benefits from the fundraising in addition to the much needed additional funds. Our large event is also a fun night out, and smaller events can often double as presents eg. children’s art plates and tea towels.