Our Space


We have a beautiful natural space that reflects the indigenous plants of our area and provides lots of opportunities to run, climb, pump water, dig, make mud cakes, or find a quiet space and just be. In addition, we have a harvest garden, where children can see foods they are familiar with, and learn to respect the time and work that goes into growing them. Our children help plant and maintain the garden. In this way, children get a real connection with, and an understanding of the natural world and how they can contribute to a sustainable future.

The outdoor environment was redeveloped in 2017 has been designed to be inclusive and to engage every child. It is a multipurpose area which invites children to be creative, imaginative and to problem-solve. There are more opportunities for the children to self-access a range of materials and tools which promotes independence, self-esteem and a sense of agency. Our outdoor space provides plentiful spatial and gross motor challenges.

Our belief that children need to have real and sustained experiences in a natural environment will help them grow into adults who will care for the environment and the community.

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See our outdoor area in action thanks to Jenn Reed Design who designed this wonderful space for us.