Our Philosophy

A safe, respectful, caring and welcoming community.


Children are active participants in learning, active explorers of their community and environment and have the opportunity to take part in a broad range of fun and enjoyable experiences. Children are viewed as capable and competent and have opportunities to experience risk taking, to initiate and lead learning and to be actively involved in their learning.

The opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, experiences and knowledge are planned for with the intention of children developing skills and knowledge that are beneficial now, in the next stage of their education and beyond. We support each child to develop a connection with the natural environment and to develop a commitment towards sustainability.


NBK is a place for children to make friends and to practise listening, communicating, negotiating with others and to develop sharing, caring and respectful working relationships with other children and educators. Children are encouraged and supported to develop independence, respect, creativity, curiosity and confidence.

Every child is individually supported to participate in the program and to develop a love of learning