Our Philosophy

A safe, respectful, caring and welcoming community.


Our Vision

A nurturing kindergarten environment where children, families and educators collaborate to create a program and environment where children are safe, challenged and respected. Where children can work with others to become resilient, respectful and connected to the natural world, the local community and the wider world. At NBK, we work toward being a part of a wider, healthy community.

mission Statement

The children, families, committee and staff work together to communicate openly and work to develop relationships based on respect to develop well-rounded quality three and four-year-old kinder programs where children develop a love of learning in a safe, respectful, challenging and connected environment, and where families feel a sense of community and connection


Our philosophy

We work towards North Brighton Kindergarten (NBK) being safe, respectful, caring and welcoming. Children are active and playful participants in learning, active explorers of their community and environment and have the opportunity to take part in a broad range of fun, playful and enjoyable experiences. Children are viewed as capable and competent and are supported and encouraged to experience risk taking, to initiate and lead learning and to be actively involved in their learning.

We believe that the wellbeing of children is positively influenced by being connected with a healthy and active community, with families who are active and engaged in their child’s educational experience, and families who engage with information and resources to support their parenting. A belief in fostering inclusive partnerships with children and families whilst meeting children at their unique developmental level achieves positive outcomes for children.

Our teaching team believe that being collaborative, consultative, knowledgeable, reflective and well informed are important aspects of our role. Our teaching team believe it is important for us to be curious and to enjoy learning along with the children, families and our colleagues.

We plan for the children to have the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, experiences and knowledge with the intention of children developing skills, dispositions and knowledge that are beneficial now, in the next stage of their education and beyond. We support each child to develop a connection with the natural environment and to develop a commitment toward sustainability.

NBK is a place for children and their families to make friends and to practice listening, communicating, negotiating with others and to develop sharing, caring and respectful working relationships with others. Children are encouraged and supported to develop independence, respect, creativity, curiosity, persistence and confidence. Every child is supported to participate in the program, to play and to develop a love of learning.


 A kindergarten community connected to our natural, social and educational environments

 A safe learning environment

 A respectful environment for learning in relation to nature, self and others

 A challenging environment to promote learning through risk taking

 Healthy minds and healthy lifestyles

Every child is individually supported to participate in the program and to develop a love of learning